Our Yurts

You’ve never seen a yurt like this.
Meet Yurta
the finest yurt made in Canada.
Yurta is a unique all-season shelter that is:
Strong yet portable
Natural and non-toxic
Yurta is a contemporary adaptation of traditional Mongolian yurts, and an original design rooted in its nomadic heritage.
We build comfortable and inspiring living spaces in the best of tent-making tradition.

Yurta is a functional shelter that deploys in as little as two hours without turning a screw or hammering a nail. Designed and made for extreme climates, Yurta is weatherproof out-of-the box, and tested to carry extreme wind and snow loads.

We do not use zip ties, universal brackets or rely on grommets to cheapen the yurt. We make absolutely no compromises with respect to materials and production: every detail is thoughtfully designed to offer the very highest quality product possible. Yurta is the super duty tent you will own for a lifetime.

We invite your scrutiny.
The more you look at yurts, the better Yurta looks.

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What Yurta Means

Hardwood frame
Our clear white ash frames are knot-free and completely unique. Known for its density and flexibility, white ash is hand-selected, shaped and assembled into a very strong structure that could be an art installation on its own. Yurta is known for its dramatically-reduced wall lattice and beautifully machined joints.
Non-toxic covers
It takes about a year to learn the craft of making a Yurta cover. Fabric is cut and sewn together from scratch in our shop according to our own design. Tolerances for sewing are incredibly tight and we work well outside of industry standards on our machines in order to make it all work. The covers are sealed by hand for water resistance. Ours is the only acrylic-coated fabric that can be maintained by re-coating onsite during the natural life of the fabric. Always non-toxic and always breathable.
Wool felt insulation
Exclusive to us, our insulation combines the traditional thermal benefits of 100% real wool felt with the radiant performance of a reflective layer. The wool slows the equalization of interior and exterior temperatures. The radiant layer reflects heat from a wood stove into the yurt in the winter, and reflects heat from the sun out of the yurt in the summer. Our felt is needled to a specific thickness and density, providing an inviting and luxurious finish for your space. Kind of like standing inside a comfy wool sweater.

All yurts include three large, multifunctional windows that are nearly 4’x4’. Each window includes a hard edged awning that doubles as a storm flap, a cold weather insert made of Lexan and built-in insulation. Additional windows can be placed as desired around the yurt creating a gorgeous panorama of the surrounding landscape.

Our domes are unobstructed and 48” wide. Made of clear-cast acrylic, the museum-grade acrylic dome has two bends in the form which make is light yet rigid. It is operated with an included pole and three gas springs providing function to scoop or orient the dome opening as needed. The dome makes the Yurta a very bright place.

Clear cedar doors
Our doors are made of furniture-grade, knot-free red and white cedar using mortise and tenon joinery instead of screws. A metal rain diverter is included on the door to redirect water from the door opening and yurt. These doors are so beautiful, they’ll make the door on your house jealous.
All elements in our yurts are purpose-built for function and beauty. We don’t adapt or force-fit commercially available construction brackets. There are no zip-ties or inelegant finishes. Fit and finish are top of mind with every element - see how crisply our fabric walls join with our solid door.
Let it breathe
Yurta is a breathable tent - outer shell and insulation is breathable. Condensation from users and extreme humidity fluctuations is allowed to breathe out of the yurt. Yurta uses no bubble-wrap insulation and no vinyl covers. Vinyl and bubble-wrap insulation tend to trap condensation, which promotes mold growth. To learn more about why we think vinyl is evil, see our FAQ.