About Us

About us

Yurts and fabric shelters are more than just a 20 year love affair.

In 2004, we designed and built our very first Yurta at our rural studio in Lanark Highlands, on the picturesque outskirts of Ottawa Ontario. Yurta is a completely unique, contemporary interpretation of a traditional Mongolian yurt. After manufacturing in the charming hamlet of Greenwood for 10 years, we moved near the hamlet of Columbus, north of Oshawa Ontario.

We are committed to conscientious production with respect to our clients, our community and environment. We continue to design, develop, test, manufacture and improve Yurta from our rural studio. Every part of a Yurta is a local job, with minimal transportation of goods.

Each Yurta is still handcrafted from natural and non-toxic materials from scratch in our shop. Certain components, such as our doors and custom hardware are made according to our specifications by local master carpenters and metalsmiths. We support many independent local shops and rely on their workmanship to meet the tight tolerances our product demands.

This high touch ensures the very best quality of materials and finish. It also means that we can only produce a limited number of yurts and why we sell out of Yurta every year. We love what we do and the care in our production will be evident in your Yurta.

As architects, makers, artists, poets and dreamers, these little shelters continue to be a source of inspiration to us.

Standing: Winnie, Cameron, Marcin, Pat, Dominic
Seated: Anissa, Angie, Peter, Diane
Missing: Melanie

We are different

Even for yurt makers, we’re not typical.

20 years later we still remind yurt sellers and enthusiasts: “It isn’t just about the shape!”

Traditional Mongolian yurts rank as one of the most ingenious structures ever designed on earth. Most modern yurts share nothing with that brilliant architecture.

We bow to these oral traditions and the cultures that have kept them alive. Yurta is the only contemporary yurt that we know that is designed to be faithful to tradition throughout with added functionality and performance for North American climates. It’s heavy duty, but it’s a tent through and through.

That’s why we bring together so many things that you won’t find anywhere else. Large windows. And an unobstructed skylight. And wool felt insulation. And a clear open space. And a breathable shell.

And so much more.

The fact is, we have a mad love affair with yurts. And we love making the highest quality, very best yurts on planet earth down to every little part.

The. Very. Best.

At least in the last 1000 years or so.