Welcome to Yurta

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We are alive and well but our website is not. We’re yurt makers - not web developers! We appreciate your patience as we work to restore yurta.ca. Until then, please find additional information about Yurta below.

You’ve never seen a yurt like this.

Meet YURTA, the finest yurt made in Canada and the most thoughtfully designed shelter of its kind on earth. Yurta is a unique all-season shelter that is: 

  •   - Strong yet portable
  •   - Functional
  •   - Minimal in footprint
  •   - Natural and non-toxic
  •   - Beautiful

Yurta is a contemporary adaptation of traditional Mongolian yurts, and an original design rooted in its nomadic heritage. We build comfortable and inspiring living spaces in the best of tent making tradition. Yurta is a functional shelter that deploys in about two hours without turning a screw or hammering a nail. Designed and made for extreme climates, Yurta is weatherproof out-of-the box, and tested to carry wind and snow loads. Yurta is the super duty tent you will own for a lifetime.

What we make

We have proudly designed, sourced and manufactured locally in Canada since 2004. Each Yurta is still handcrafted from local materials that are natural and non-toxic. Yurta includes very best quality of materials and finish. We love what we do and the care in our production will be visible in your Yurta. Love is the secret ingredient.


Yurta is a breathable tent – condensation from users and extreme humidity fluctuations is allowed to breathe out of the yurt. Yurta uses no impermeable bubble-wrap insulation  or impermeable vinyl covers which  tend to trap condensation which promotes mold growth. To learn more about why we think vinyl is evil, see our FAQ.


We are uncompromising when it comes to our materials. Our frame is made of custom-milled clear hardwood. Known for its density and flexibility, white ash is hand-selected, shaped and assembled into a very strong structure. Our insulation is made exclusively for us and combines the thermal benefits of 100% real wool felt with the radiant performance of a reflective layer. Outer covers are sealed by hand for water resistance and all elements are purpose-built. 


Yurts and circular tents like them have housed people in Central and East Asia for thousands of years. The portability and easy assembly of their homes was, and continues to be, crucial for nomadic communities. This tradition is indeed what give yurts their true beauty. A yurt is, first and foremost, a tent. And nothing short of the quintessential structure that represents natural harmony and living lightly on the earth.
Yurta is authentic – an original contemporary design and functional shelter that is strong yet portable. In the spirit of a tent, Yurta features no urban building features. It is designed to connect you with your natural surroundings. Our unique open lattice design makes the Yurta feel like an extension of the outdoors.
The Yurta is a superb short or long-term shelter. Its perfect balance of strength and portability makes it ideally suited to a most any climate, site or use. It is an instant and low cost way to deploy:
  • Instant Bunkie
  • Cabin
  • Extra guest-room
  • Expedition or hunting lodge
  • Studio for most any pursuit
  • Beachhouse
  • Warming hut
  • Gazebo
  • Event tent
The only place for vinyl is on your turntable. Vinyl is problematic in fabric shelters like yurts for two reasons. First, out of concern for its know toxicity in its manufacture, use and disposal. Second, because its impermeability means that it has a tendency to trap condensation and promote mold. Yurts are not awnings. Fabrics that you will inhabit should be non-toxic and breathable.
Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) coated fabrics, known popularly as vinyl, is familiar to consumers today for the distinct smell produced in “off-gassing” such as in new cars or shower curtains. Toxic chemical off-gassing from PVC products may contribute to respiratory irritation, damage to the central nervous system, liver and kidneys, nausea, headaches and loss of coordination. The chlorine in PVC is a source of many of its environmental health concerns, such as the generation of dioxin, a known carcinogenic chemical produced in both the manufacture and disposal of PVC. Dioxins are linked with cancer, diabetes, endometriosis, birth defects, infertility, and immune- system depression. Due to its persistent and bio-accumulative nature (i.e. it travels long distances without breaking down and concentrates as it moves up the food chain) dioxin has become a significant health concern. Both manufacturing and end-of-life disposal of vinyl poses health concerns: PVC releases toxic substances into the environment when it is burned and can leach toxic stabilizers and plasticizers when it is buried in a landfill. Check it out.
No. In our opinion, yurts that marry pre-hung steel entry doors and glass windows into a tent’s lattice have missed the mark entirely. Yurts are tents. We don’t do air conditioning inserts either.
Yes. That’s when you’ll love it the most.
Yes! Every part of Yurta is a local job. Our team marks and cuts the fabric using our own patterns and we make our frames and other elements in our shop in Ontario. We rely on craft workers throughout the province to make proprietary parts to our specifications.
Yes. It’s a pleasure to show you our small shop and 17’ yurt onsite. Please email us at info@yurta.ca to request a visit. Our main shop is located north of Pickering Ontario and our original location is located near Almonte Ontario.
Yurts are made to order. If Yurta is right for you, we take a deposit at the time of order and the balance when you pick up your yurt. Current delivery times are approximately 6 months but please contact us for accurate production deadlines.