The Fine Print

You’ve never seen a yurt like this.
Meet Yurta
the finest yurt made in Canada.
Yurta is a unique all-season shelter that is:
Strong yet Portable
Natural and Non-Toxic

It's in the Details

Our Materials
We use only materials that are natural or non-toxic. Where we use synthetic materials, we make no compromises for toxicity or performance. We chose the very best and continually refine our manufacturing to offer what we believe is the very best design, made with the very best materials, by the very best human hands in our industry today.
We have chosen to completely avoid standard fabrics like vinyl (PVC), and bubble-wrap insulation in our yurts. First and foremost, vinyl is a toxic material that is harmful to all living things - read a bit more about its manufacture, use and disposal here. Equally concerning is the impermeability of vinyl and bubble-wrap. These materials are not breathable! They trap condensation and create a haven for mold. Breathable fabrics do the major work of exchanging air and regulating moisture in a tent. Expert hands make a weather-tight cover using an exacting process.
We mean MADE IN CANADA. We are proud that every part of our yurt is sourced locally and every Yurta represents dozens of jobs throughout the province. All of the skilled trades and businesses we work with are local and long-term suppliers who understand the importance of everything they do. Our entire enterprise is an effort in minimalism. We waste nothing and produce a total of one garbage bag a week.

Made exclusively for us, our insulation combines the thermal ability of 100% real wool with the radiant capacity of a reflective layer.

Made exclusively for us, our insulation combines the thermal ability of 100% real wool with the radiant capacity of a reflective layer. The thermal resistance of the wool itself slows the equalization of air temperature between the inside and outside of the yurt as wool clothes do. At the same time, radiant heat is reflected into the yurt during the cold winter months, and reflected out of the yurt during the summer.

This combined capability makes the ultimate lightweight insulation that is breathable, natural and non-toxic, and a positively luxurious way to finish a space.

Wool felt insulation provides many benefits. It is:

No petroleum-based products like those used in plastics, synthetic fibres and fabrics. Also, no chemicals or resin-coatings make it a healthy way to finish a living space.
Wool has an ignition index of 1112º F. It extinguishes itself when touched to a flame, which is why firefighters and racecar drivers wear it. Man-made fire resistant fabrics use chemicals to make them that way.
Wool readily absorbs and gives off moisture. Wool can absorb almost 1/3 of its weight in moisture yet also evaporate it easily.
Temperature controlled
Cool in warm weather and warm in cool weather, its fibres form pockets of air that provide natural insulation.
Annually renewable, recyclable and biodegradable. It’s also animal friendly. No animals are killed for wool; they’re sheared once a year.
the Love
Making the yurt the way we do requires human hands at every step. The covers and woodwork we do in our own shop are done from scratch to exacting standards. In our shop, the work is deathly serious - but none of the people are. Machines demand compromises that craft workers do not have to make. This human touch allows us to use attention and hands to work beyond the normal limits of machines to do what we do. There are 70’ seams on your yurt that require total care and devotion to make. The secret ingredient is the love. We think you’ll feel it when you stand in yours.