All of our yurts are fully equipped with all of our available features. Yurta always includes:


The most popular options are listed below. Yurta is an incredibly adaptable structure that can be customized in a variety of ways. Please contact us if you have a unique use for Yurta.

A note about Insulation

Wool is the incredible, natural fibre that synthetics try to emulate.

Our wool felt is the very best in lightweight insulation and a contemporary refinement of traditional materials. Made just for us, our insulation needles together 100% wool with an thin layer of aluminum, combining the thermal properties of 100% real wool with the radiant capacity of a reflective layer. The result is a superb lightweight insulator that remains completely breathable. Our wool felt reflects radiant heat from a wood stove back into the yurt during the cold winter months, while reflecting out the sun’s heat during the summer. It’s consistency in thickness and density allows us to sew a tight-fitting wool sweater for your Yurta. Breathable, natural and non-toxic, real wool felt is the ultimate – and original – way to finish a yurt.

Yurta wool felt insulation provides many benefits. It is:

  • Natural: No petroleum-based products like those used in plastics, synthetic fibers and fabrics. Also, no chemicals or resin-coatings make it a healthy way to finish a living space. Wool is composed entirely of amino acids – the building blocks of life.
  • Self-extinguishing: Wool has an ignition index of 1112º F. It extinguishes itself when touched to a flame, which is why firefighters and race car drivers wear it. Man-made fire resistant fabrics use chemicals to make them that way.
  • Hygroscopic: Wool readily absorbs and gives off moisture. Wool can absorb almost 1/3 of its weight in moisture yet also evaporate it.
  • Temperature controlled: Cool in warm weather and warm in cool weather, its fibers form pockets of air that provide natural insulation.
  • Sustainable: Wool is the only authentic sustainable fibre on earth. Annually renewable, recyclable and biodegradable. It’s also animal friendly. No animals are killed for wool; they’re sheared about once a year.
  • Biodegradable: In soil, wool readily biodegrades to produce sulfur, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and water – all plant nutrients.
"Exceeded all my expectations by miles- especially the beautiful felt insulation."
– Rick in Ontario


13.7213’/3.96m133’ sq/12.4m sq6’/1.83m4’10″/1.47m10’1″/3.07m
17.7217’/5.18m226’ sq/21m sq6’/1.83m4’10″/1.47m10’1″/3.07m
13.8613’/3.96m133′ sq/12.4m aq7’/2.13m6’/1.83m11’/3.35m
17.8617’/5.18m226’sq/21m sq7’/2.13m6’/1.83m11’/3.35m

Weight: approx 300-500lbs (136-227kg) depending on options
Frame: White ash hardwood hand oiled (Fraxinus Americana)
Door: Eastern/Western cedar hand oiled, stainless hardware and lockset
Roof Cover: Acrylic Coated polyester (10oz.)
Wall Cover: Army Duck cotton canvas (10oz.) or Acrylic-coated poly-cotton blend (15 oz.) fabric. Includes 3 windows with mosquito netting, winter covers and storm flaps.
Operable acrylic dome: 48″ (122cm) diameter
Insulation: 100% wool felt in 1/4″ with radiantex backing or 1/8″ with radiantex backing