We love the yurt’s space and function! Traditional architecture needs to be (re)discovered. Vernacular buildings that have stood the test of time can serve as great models in a world struggling to be sustainable. Traditional yurts are wonderfully ingenious structures. By drawing from this traditional form, we aim to make a shelter and space that is highly efficient, functional and inspiring.

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About us

In 2004, we designed and built our very first Yurta at our rural studio in Lanark Highlands, Ontario on the picturesque outskirts of Ottawa. By July 2011 we had moved production to the charming hamlet of Greenwood, in northern Pickering Ontario, where the Yurta can be visited Monday through Saturday by appointment.

We continue to produce the Yurta in a conscientious manner with respect for our clients, community and environment. Our rural studio, is the hub where we design, develop, test and manufacture Yurta. Certain components, such as our doors and custom hardware are made according to our specifications by local master carpenters and metal smiths. We support independent local shops and rely on their workmanship to meet the high standards that we demand.

The proximity between design and production allows us to maintain attention to detail and quality as well as the expertise to customize and develop a specific variation, we are always open to your ideas. These little shelters continue to be a source of inspiration to us.

The team,

Patrick Ladisa
Marcin Padlewski
Anissa Szeto