All of our yurts are fully equipped with all of our available features. Yurta always includes:


Hardwood framewhite ash detail Only clear white ash is hand-selected, machined and oiled to a strength and beauty you won’t find elsewhere. We’ll put the beautiful grain of ash up against any 2×4 or “lodge pole” rafter any day of the week.  Each piece is individually handled dozens of times before assembly for a finished structure that will last a lifetime.
Solid cedar doorIMG_1674 Hand oiled, and equipped with stainless steel hardware and lockset, our door epitomizes country chalet.
Operable domeIMG_5505 4’ in diameter, a large operable dome efficiently vents the yurt and gives light. An operating pole is included.
Huge windowsIMG_5140 Three multi-function, all season windows are standard in our 17′ Yurta. Nearly 4’x4’ each, they provide a beautiful view of your surroundings. Each is equipped with a sewn-in insect mesh, a storm flap and awning, and a clear winter cover.
Breathable but weatherproof shellIMG_5515 Yurta covers are hand-sewn to exceedingly tight tolerances. The finished shell is weatherproof and paintable as it ages. Yet it is also breathable which helps prevent mold by ensuring moisture can always have an opportunity to dry out.
Rain diverterIMG_4590 A rain diverter is built-into your door to limit the rain runoff where you enter and exit your yurt.
Wind kitIMG_4862 Yurta features a hidden wind kit, integrated into the cover. There are no additional ropes needed to secure the cover to the frame.
Snow kit14400036 Every Yurta includes a snow kit that significantly increases its load-carrying capacity. It is used when the Yurta is left unattended for extended periods. It is not typically used when the yurt is inhabited.
Floor plans Plans that allow you to build your own round, structural, insulated floor.
Installation video An installation video and owner’s manual detail how to install and care for your Yurta.
Email and phone support Lifetime phone and email support is included.


The most popular options are listed below. Yurta is an incredibly adaptable structure that can be customized in a variety of ways. Please contact us if you have a unique use for Yurta.

InsulationIMG_5523 Exclusive to Yurta, a reflective layer is needled to 100% wool felt according to our specifications. It is a superb lightweight insulator that combines thermal and radiant capacity. Available in a 3-season weight to reduce summer heat gain and a 4-season weight for winter nights when the temperature drops to -30˚C. Includes window insulation. Read more about the benefits of our unique wool felt below.
Premium wall fabricIMG_5523  An acrylic-coated polyester/cotton blend makes a far more durable wall than standard cotton canvas. In particular, it holds up to the punishing UV.
Additional windowsYurt-2 Up to four additional windows can be added to Yurta for a total of seven windows maximum. The resulting panorama is without equal.
Chimney outlet_MG_9149  A steel chimney flange is painted to match your roof cover. It mounts to your Yurta structure, and can handle a simple stove pipe or a larger insulated chimney.
Insulated floorinsulfoor stained This insulated click-together floor installs in minutes. An insulated floor allows the effective heating of your yurt. It also provides the final element that creates a true micro-climate in your Yurta. For those who don’t want to build their floors.
Octopad kitinsulfoor stained Includes plans and specialty hardware to build Octopad: a completely transportable and free-standing deck that provides a level surface for Yurta. Eight pre-fabricated modules form a self-levelling deck that requires little or no excavation.
Zippered-doorIMG_5689 Want something even more miminal? Yurta can be outfitted with a zippered-door, in true tent style. Suited best to 3-season use, the zippered door makes for the ultimate “bug-out” shelter.
Yurt partsIMG_5689 We do make certain individual components and raw materials available to “do-it-yourselfers”, whom we love so much. Certain Yurta parts are finely detailed to work with each other which may make some Yurta parts incompatible with your approach. If you’d like some of our raw felt or an individual difficult-to-source component like a dome, please contact us.


A note about Insulation

Wool is the incredible, natural fibre that synthetics try to emulate.

Our wool felt is the very best in lightweight insulation and a contemporary refinement of traditional materials. Made just for us, our insulation needles together 100% wool with an thin layer of aluminum, combining the thermal properties of 100% real wool with the radiant capacity of a reflective layer. The result is a superb lightweight insulator that remains completely breathable. Our wool felt reflects radiant heat from a wood stove back into the yurt during the cold winter months, while reflecting out the sun’s heat during the summer. It’s consistency in thickness and density allows us to sew a tight-fitting wool sweater for your Yurta. Breathable, natural and non-toxic, real wool felt is the ultimate – and original – way to finish a yurt.

Yurta wool felt insulation provides many benefits. It is:

“Exceeded all my expectations by miles- especially the beautiful felt insulation.”
– Rick in Ontario



Model Diameter Area Wall Door Height
13.72 13’/3.96m 133’ sq/12.4m sq 6’/1.83m 4’10″/1.47m 10’1″/3.07m
17.72 17’/5.18m 226’ sq/21m sq 6’/1.83m 4’10″/1.47m 10’1″/3.07m
13.86 13’/3.96m 133′ sq/12.4m aq 7’/2.13m 6’/1.83m 11’/3.35m
17.86 17’/5.18m 226’sq/21m sq 7’/2.13m 6’/1.83m 11’/3.35m

Weight: approx 300-500lbs (136-227kg) depending on options
Frame: White ash hardwood hand oiled (Fraxinus Americana)
Door: Eastern/Western cedar hand oiled, stainless hardware and lockset
Roof Cover: Acrylic Coated polyester (10oz.)
Wall Cover: Army Duck cotton canvas (10oz.) or Acrylic-coated poly-cotton blend (15 oz.) fabric. Includes 3 windows with mosquito netting, winter covers and storm flaps.
Operable acrylic dome: 48″ (122cm) diameter
Insulation: 100% wool felt in 1/4″ with radiantex backing or 1/8″ with radiantex backing

Yurta specifications 13' & 17'